About AIPI


Literally, AIPI stands for "Aerial Imagery Private Investigator."

As a service, AIPI stands for safe, prompt, reliable drone operations. Primarily geared to assist in private investigations, AIPI is not limited to that. Any scene inspection would lend itself to drone imagery. Based in Sonoma County, California, any reasonable travel can be accommodated.

The Aircraft

Aerial Imagery flies the DJI Mavic Pro  quadcopter small unmanned aerial system with GPS guidance. The Mavic Pro  is a very stable aerial platform whose camera is capable of fully stabilized, extremely crisp 4K videos and high resolution still images. [FAA sUAS Registration #FA3HLMYEYR]

Owner - Operator

Aerial Imagery is owned and operated by David Stubblebine, a retired California peace officer and licensed private investigator (Lic #25996).  He possesses an FAA Remote Pilot certificate under Part 107 for small unmanned aerial systems (#4078826). He is a member of the US Association of Unmanned Aerial Videographers and adheres to their "Best Practices" guidelines. All AIPI drone operations are fully insured.

Sample Videos

Sample Drone Video Only: The raw files delivered to clients will have much crisper images and overall better quality than what is seen here via YouTube. File sizes average about 7.5MB per second of video.

Services, Rates, and Restrictions

Additional services can be arranged -- limited only by the drone's capabilities, the law, and your imagination

Caveat Emptor

  •  Drone flights for commercial purposes must be flown by operators certified by the FAA, despite the myths and urban legends that surround this topic. Whether or not the drone operator is compensated is irrelevant to this question. Most (if not all) insurance policies for drone operations are only effective if the operator is properly certified by the FAA. If you hire a drone operator who crashes and creates a liability and his insurance won’t cover it, whose insurance will everyone turn to next?  I think we can guess.

  • Aerial Imagery's FAA certificates and insurance declaration are available for inspection.

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